Saturday, September 6, 2014

Let it Go!

There is a saying among dancers.

Leave it on the stage.

Pour your heart, your emotions, your feelings....everything... pour it into your dance and leave it on the stage when you walk off.

Growing up and dancing for 25 years, that was my release. It was my escape. Whether it was from a fight with a friend from grade school, a heart broken by a crush or boyfriend, a misunderstanding with my mom or dad, or just because.....I needed to let some emotion out. When I danced, I let go of everything and just let the music take me away and let my body and feelings go with it. Just go for it, let everything go and be in the moment. Be YOU!

I'm not on stage anymore and I retired from dancing about 6 years ago. I still put on music from time to time and dance around my house. I traded in my pointe and character shoes for some sweet, pink Nike ones. And now I get my frustrations out by doing Insanity or T25.

Whatever it is, find an outlet that you can let your mind be free and let your passion and emotion take over. It helps you let go of everything. Sweat it out. Cry it out. SCREAM it out. And leave it on the floor.

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