Thursday, September 25, 2014

21 Day Fix Promotion Ends soon!

Have I told you how much I love the 21 Day Fix and how it has completely changed my way of nutrition and eating?

It is so simple and easy and brilliant! There's no counting calories, teaches you about portion control, you learn what "clean eating" is and it's simply......amazing.

It's absolutely the PERFECT way to jump start your new fitness and health goals, plans, diet, etc.

Need to lose some pounds for a celebration or holiday party coming up? A school reunion?  A wedding, better yet, YOUR wedding? Maybe you just need to detox your body, clear out the junk, start fresh. 

It comes with color coded portion controlled containers so it takes out the guesswork. No counting calories. 
AND it comes with 30 minute workouts that kick your booty.
AND it shows you how to eat out at a restaurant.
AND you get treats and "cheat" meals.
AND it comes with Shakeology (optional, but HIGHLY recommended)

AND did I mention it's only 21 days?


I have done my 7 days of clean eating groups on Facebook basing the grocery list around this plan. We don't use the containers or do the workouts. And people lose on average 3-8 pounds. In one week.

Imagine what 21 days could do for you?

Check out my youtube video where I explain everything the 21 Day Fix "Challenge Pack" comes with. 

I have a group starting Oct 6.
You in?

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

Happy Thursday!

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