Thursday, September 18, 2014

Help others change lives and be a coach with me!

As always, I love to extend the Beachbody coaching experience to all of YOU! To all my friends who love fitness - I am looking for more coaches to join my team!
Who loves working out to Shaun T, Tony Horton, and Chalene Johnson? Do you share what you're doing with your family and friends cause they ask you how the heck you are getting in such great shape?
Congratulations, you are doing exactly what a Beachbody coach does.
If you are curious and would like more info, reach out to me or leave your email below or in a message.

****Just to give you an idea, my coaches on my team are ALSO stay-at-home moms, bartenders, sales reps, realtors, insurance agents, and small business owners, just to name a few
*****And YES, even if you've never worked out to any of the trainers above you can STILL become a coach and inspire others

What is a coach?

If you are ready to start changing lives AND earn an income for you and your family's future

To make an even bigger impact and start YOUR journey at the same time, while helping others, take the BEACHBODY CHALLENGE!

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