Friday, August 29, 2014

Shakeology ice cream!

Shakeology ice cream?! Ummm, yes please!!
How many of you have used Shakeology in other recipes besides just your shake? A clever idea my husband does is put a scoop of vanilla Shakeology into a blueberry pancake mix and make them for our kids. I think they're probably the best pancakes I've ever had. They come out super fluffy and moist, try it! And our kids are eating something healthy for them.
We also love to make Shakeology energy bars. Super addicting and great for on the go snacks. I love them for dessert, too! We keep them in the freezer, yummmmm.
Think outside the box (or bag  ) get all of those nutrients and vitamins and add them to different foods. Check out some more recipes at

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