Sunday, May 22, 2016

3 Months Postpartum

--->>💙3 months postpartum💙<<---

I may not fit back into my regular clothes just yet.
And I still have some weight I'd like to lose.
I still have a bit of a belly. 
And hey, I don't eat healthy and clean ALL the time. 😜
But you know what.....I'm feeling pretty dang good about myself 3 months after having a baby! 🍼

I'm not starving and I have skipped workouts. But I'm enjoying life and being a mom of 3. 👪 I don't like to be super strict. That's not my style. 👎🏼
I just simply put in some work every day and make smart choices...most of the time. 
IF you're ready to jump in on my summer fitness group beginning May 30th, DO IT! 👊🏼

Don't contemplate, just do! Stop wishing, start doing! If you're waiting for a sign, this is it! You are worth it! (some motivation for ya 😉)
I'm super pumped for my next group of ladies that signed up and are ready to start! We're kicking off summer RIGHT! 🌞I'm determined to be confident this summer and not hiding behind baggy clothes. And they are too! So if you want to join us, let's kick some serious booty together. And rock any outfit we choose. 👙👗👘
If you're ready, let's go! 🙋Don't wait. Don't be shy. My group is a judgement free zone.🚫
Simply RSVP here and I'll send you a message so we can chat.😁
This WILL be a summer of loving our bodies!


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