Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Back to YOU! A 30 Day Bootcamp. Group begins Sept 21

Are you tired, lack energy, don't fit into any of your clothes, depressed with the way you look and not feeling good with yourself?

Are you ready to feel like the person you know you can be, inside and out?

Are you ready to feel alive again and rock any outfit that you choose?!

Then get ready for a new YOU! 

It's time to get back to YOU, make the commitment to YOURSELF, feel happy, alive, energized and AMAZING in your own skin. 

As a mom of 2, I know what it feels like to not be happy with the way I look. It's hard to be a wife/mom and take care of yourself AND your family at the same time. I get it! But I learned how to carve out 30 minutes or less a day and get back to ME! And since then, I have helped countless of other women and mothers get back to their happy selves as well.  

If you are ready to take on this challenge with me then.....

---Welcome to my 30 Day Online Bootcamp!---

In this private online Facebook group you will:

-Commit and workout to a Beachbody program for 30 days. I will choose an at home workout program that fits your specific wants and needs for attainable results.

-Replace one meal a day for 30 days with a nutrient dense superfood shake called Shakeology for MAXIMUM results. This will also give you the energy you need to get through your workouts and day. It also aides in focus, digestion, curbs junk food cravings and I secretly call it my supermom powers.

-Have access to a 30 day FREE trial to stream your workouts from any phone, tablet or computer.

-Follow along with the nutrition and eating plan that is specifically designed for each workout program.

-Feel inspired and motivated with like minded people who are also on their own fitness journey. You will be able to share your struggles, learn healthy recipes and succeed by completing your 30 day bootcamp with the help of your team. A judgement free zone and a place to feel comfortable. 

Be happy and feel alive again!
Commit and dedicate yourself. I know you can do this! 
You WILL succeed if you put your mind to it!
All it takes is one step....the first one. 

Hear some success stories of people who have done these type of groups:

Is this something you are ready to do?


My next group starts Sept 21

Please fill out my free form to sign up to be in one of my 30 day bootcamps.

For more info and choices on the different packages I offer, please go here:

If you would like to chat with me personally please email me at or friend request at and I will be in touch with you!

I am greatly looking forward to sharing these next 30 days helping to find the real YOU again!

Say this out loud
"I am doing this for ME!"

AWESOME! So what are you waiting for?

**This is NOT a FREE group. You will have to purchase a Beachbody Challenge Pack to be a part of this bootcamp. You will be a part of an online Facebook group where I will be hosting, giving tips, advice and coaching you the entire 30 days. And you will have the support and motivation with others as well.

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