Friday, July 25, 2014

7 Days of Clean Eating

I just finished a 7 day clean eating challenge with a private group on Facebook and the results are in. Hard for me to even post these pics cause it shows I had a little too much fun indulging before the clean eating group  But that's what this blog is show you real results!
This is from 7 days of clean eating. Lots of water, veggies, lean proteins, fruit and good carbs. I ended up losing 4 pounds. My energy is through the roof and I slept better through the night. I was never hungry and I got rid of that bloated full stomach feeling. It really helped me get back on track and break my habit of bad eating. YES! I do fall off and don't exercise and eat bad foods. I'm human!
I just said enough was enough and drew the line. Got right back into eating healthy and now I feel awesome!
In the group, people lost anywhere from 3 pounds to 8 pounds! Just from making smart choices...for 7 days.
The eating plan was loosely based on the 21 day fix program which I cannot recommend enough!! It will teach you how to eat clean AND learn about portion control (that which we did not incorporate in last weeks group). Plus it comes with 30 minute workouts which are great for anyone starting. If you want more info, I would love to share some with you. Shoot me a message.
I am encouraging you to start! Take that step and DO IT! If you've fallen off track, get back on. Stop with the excuses. You have to start somewhere. But just DO IT! Even if you suck and it's hard and you don't want to. Whether it's an eating plan or a workout regime. Start! What's the worst that can happen? You fall right back to where you are now. And then you start again. But what if you don't fail? And you keep going. And the weight falls off. And you're fitting into clothes you haven't worn in years and you feel good about yourself. And people start to notice. And you look amazing!! Good feeling to have right? Then what are you waiting for? Go get it! If you don't know where to start, I'll help. That's what I'm here for!
And if you are kicking butt, keep going! Every day counts and gets you closer to where you want to be. Don't ever give up! Keep going! Encourage others! Bring them on board. It's always great to have people with you.
Ok there is my motivation for your Monday  I'm gonna go have some more coffee now with creamer...don't judge it's been 7 days..I deserve it.
Have a kick ass fantabulous Monday everyone!

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